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Field Manual
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Welcome to the Mighty Clan White Tigers,

.....You have been selected from many warriors, to represent Clan White Tigers. Welcome to your new Sibko. You have tested into the warrior class, and now you begin training in your new caste. I say selected, because Clan White Tigers only asks for the best of characters, those warriors that we feel distinguish themselves on and off the field of battle.

.....You are now a warrior in the Mighty Clan White Tigers, and will be expected and required to have knowledge of the following texts. Know this a warrior also battles with his mind... Quick skills and reflexes are not enough, if the Tigers Might is to flourish.

.....This field manual is a welcome letter that also details what you should expect from Clan White Tigers, and what we in turn expect from you. You have been sponsored by all the warriors within this Clan, and as a new warrior you will be supported by the Clan. All the Warriors of Clan White Tigers will help guide and mentor you through your training.

Name and Rank Badges:

Rank Files: {WT} Unit Insignia

.....Your first order of business will be to work on your name. The allowable name for Mechwarrior 4 has 16 characters. The first 5 characters of this name will be: {WT} .Example: {WT} Yourname. This is to keep everyone's name and uniform neat and should be used as your pilot name. Your faction should be listed as White Tigers MWL. Until you have undergone the Clan induction process, you should wear the default {WT} insignia.

{WT} YourName

After the induction

{WT} YourName
{WT} Clan White Tigers

The Induction process:

1. You will have received communications from our Khan welcoming you to our great Clan. You will also receive our communication codes and protocol, which you will need if you are going to proceed any further in our Clan.

2. For the second part of the induction you will need your comms set up and working. The High Council will interview you at this stage. If you are successful you will proceed to stage 3.

3. At this stage you will be required to battle one on one with three of our warriors,Who will be picked at random and kept anonymous. The type of battle will be decided by the High Council. This is called a T.O.E. ( Trial Of Entrance) Pass this and your in. Mech chasis will be medium, heavy and an assault. You will be required to battle in each. Each battle will last until either you or your opponent has been destroyed and then you will go on to the next chasis to battle. When all three battles are complete,a vote will be taken and a decision given to you as to your induction.This TOE will be held on CWT sacred ground,Spaceport.

4. Then you will be given one week on probation. During this time you will have limited access to our forums and are expected to be in at least one clan practice session and on our servers to work on skills several times that week. During probation you must register with our Clan on MWL.

5. You are now an honored warrior in our Clan {WT}. Full access will be granted on our forums and you will be able to drop with us in any battles scheduled after your MWL registration date.

You will find other {WT} members online, and may be confused as to their rank. The listed ranks are as follows:

Khan {WT9}

.....The Khan is responsible for aspects of unit life. He is the Founder and oversees all operations of the clan. He is an administrator on the Forum and Founder representative for the clan on MWL .

SaKhan {WT9}

.....The SaKhan is responsible for assisting the Galaxy Commander and Khan to make sure Military Operations run smoothly and in a timely fashion.

OathMaster {WTO}

.....The Oathmaster is responsible for the behind the scenes operations of the forums and website.His duties also include  overseeing the duties of the Loremaster.

Loremaster {WTL}

.....The Loremaster has specific duties in Clan White Tigers. He takes charge of morale, rules and clan customs, and maintains The Remembrance and HonorPoint System. The Loremaster also acts as primary inquisitor in charges of wrongdoing or treason within the clan.

Galaxy Commander {WT8}

.....A Galaxy Commander is in charge of all Military Units under their command at any given time, and also acts as a Star Colonel over the Units closest to this Officer in the Command Structure. Qualify for this position, Must be an extremely active member and cleared by Clan White Tigers High Command..

Galaxy Commander responsibilities:

Coordinate Clan White Tigers training curriculum.
A. Make sure that all Commanders below him/her fulfil their training responsibilities as required by his/her rank.
B. Ensure that all training sessions are of the proper quality and effectiveness to prepare Clan White Tigers mechwarriors and commanders for upcoming battles.
Ability to act as a battle commander.
Attend as many battles and training sessions as possible per week.
Ability to act as a Battle Coordinator.

Star Colonel {WT7}
.....A Star Colonel commands a Binary consisting of two Trinaries consisting three stars, and also acts as Star Captain for any of his binaries . To Qualify for this position, Must be an extremely active member and cleared by Clan White Tigers High Command.

Star Colonel responsibilities:
Assist Galaxy Commander in his duties.
Attend an average of 1 battle and 1 training session per week.
Ability to act as a battle commander.
Ability to act as a battle coordinator.
Train Star Captains on how to be battle coordinators

Training Officer {WTO}

.....They are responsible for the training of our warriors. If you are in need of training these officers will always be willing to offer quality training.

(A Clan can have more than One Training Officer)

Star Captain {WT6}

Star Captain {WT6}
.....A Star Captain leads a Binary of mechs, and also acts as the Star Commander for one of his stars. To Qualify for this position, Must be an extremely active member and cleared by Clan White Tigers High Command.

Star Captain responsibilities:
Train Star Commanders on how to become battle commanders.
Train mechwarriors and warriors regarding team tactics.
Ability to act as a battle commander.
Attend an average of 1 battle and 1 training session per week.

In this Avatar Example, we can see the Logo for Gamma Trinary. (this is an example only.)

Star Commander {WT5}
.....A Star Commander commands the star he is in. He answers directly to a Star Captain . To Qualify for this position, you must be an extremely active member and cleared by Clan White Tigers High Command.

Star Commander responsibilities:
Train warriors and mechwarriors.
Attend an average of 1 battle and 1 practice/training session per week.
Learn and practice often how to be a battle commander.

In this example, we see that Star Commander is from Trinary Gamma and he is also part of Star Alpha. (Currantly we are set as only two Trinaries, Alpha and Beta )

Lt. Star Commander {WT4}
.....This rank is given to any Mechwarrior who has accumulated enough Honor Points. A warrior with this rank will aid the Star Commander in his duties.

Elite Mechwarrior {WT3}
.....This rank is given to any Mechwarrior who has accumulated enough Honor Points and by now has become a battle hardened veteran.

1st. Mechwarrior {WT2}
.....This rank is given to any Mechwarrior who has accumulated enough Honor Points.

Mechwarrior {WT1}
.....A Mechwarrior now honored by the Clan is the rank and file warrior in a Front Line Star.

Mechwarrior {WT}
.....A Mechwarrior yet to prove himself/herself to be a loyal and trustworthy warrior within the Clan

Weekend Warriors {WTW}


.....As a warrior, you are asked to give the utmost courtesy to other members of our unit, and to other units as well. It is not enough that you behave only in our presence, but as a warrior, you represent Clan White Tigers at all times, and you are a reflection of our honor. Please act accordingly.

.....If you act mischievous and juvenile and disrespectful to any WT member,ranking officer,or even in an another server,you will be disciplined up to and possibly including being banned from Clan White Tigers.We take this seriously.

.....As a warrior, your main duty will be to train, train, and then train some more . You will train often with all of the members of Clan White Tigers. You should only have one objective in mind... To become an honorable and respected Mechwarrior! To achieve this you must pass the induction and continue to be professional in your endeavers as a Mechwarrior.

NOTE: All command positions are subject to change depending on the warriors ability and effort to perform his/her duties in regard to their individual rank. Only the Khan and SaKhan can decide if a warrior will be demoted on the basis of not performing duties for the rank in question.

.....Alternative option: If the warrior knows he can no longer preform the dutys of his/her rank. They can request a lower position with less responsablity (if available), and may TOP for the rank they desire.

When you have enough honor points to obtain the next rank you do not automatically aquire that rank. A trial of honor must be taken. Only then will the High Council consider you for the position.

Honor points:


Attending drop practice 1
Attending and fighting in the drop 1
Commander winning a drop 2
Not getting killed in a drop 5
Each kill 1 - 1 for each death x Chassis bonus (if this is a negative 0 points are given)
When there are more warriors than needed for the drop, voluntary drop out for another warrior to take your place 1
Special Operations i.e Scout, Artillery etc are given 5 bonus points.
Also points in Team battle situations are taken into consideration

For each drop all the points are then added together. The highest score is then set to 10 points using a Goal Seek. The Goal Seek result is then used to set all the other scores, by dividing each warriors score by the Goal Seek result and rounded up. Therefore the points scored in a drop vary from 1-10 depending upon the warriors performance.

Honor Points system:
Starting points for each rank:
Khan {WT9} 1000
SaKhan {WT9} 950
OathMaster {WTO} 900
Loremaster Omega {WTL} 900
Galaxy Commander {WT8} 800
Star Colonel {WT7} 700
Training Officer {WTO} 600
Star Captain {WT6} 500
Star Commander {WT5} 350
Lt. Star Commander {WT4} 300
Elite Mechwarrior {WT3} 250
1st. Mechwarrior {WT2} 200
Mechwarrior {WT1} 0 The HC will decide when a warrior is ready for this T.O.P
Mechwarrior {WT} 0

(The honor points do not automaticaly denote the rank and position as the command positions are voted upon by the Highcouncil before promoting.)
Promotions(when eligible by honorpoints)will be decided by T.O.P..
A T.O.P. is a Trial Of Position.This is a battle of the eligible member for promotion against a unit memeber(usually a ranking officer) for their rank/position in White Tigers.

A T.O.P. is scheduled by the Loremaster when a member comes eligable in honor points.The eligable member as well as the High Council will be notified at the time of eligibility and the battle will be scheduled at the next clan practice.

Trial of Position rules

Prior to commencing you must choose which mech chassis to fight against. This may be a Light, Medium, Heavy or Assault (depending upon the rank you are attempting to attain). You may choose a map from a selection provided by the HC. Before entering battle you may choose a drop zone.

When you are in your drop zone you must not move until GO is called by one of your opponents. You must type IN when you are ready. When GO is called you may commence the battle. Failure to comply with these rules will halt the T.O.P. The HC will then make a decision depending upon your actions. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly (regarding the HCs decision) you may select an arbiter to plead your case. You must undertake a T.O.P for each rank regardless of the amount of honor points you have attained. You may only T.O.P for a maximum of 1 rank per week.

For team battle/destruction and mission play T.O.Ps the HC will decide upon a maximum weight to be distributed amongst the team. The map and drop zone will also be chosen by the HC.

The HC will decide upon the settings for the drop (see below)

Types of drop

1. Team Battle
2. Team Destruction
3. Mission Play


1. Default
2. Clear
3. Light fog
4. Heavy fog
5. Pea Soup fog


1. Off
2. On

Time of day

1. Day
2. Night


1. Stock mechs off
2. Stock mechs on


1. Normal
2. Team only
3. off

The criteria for attaining each rank is shown below:

{WT} No set performance rating, decided by the HC
{WT1} Must make a good performance rated by the HC
{WT2} Destroy at least one mech out of 3 (light to heavy)
{WT3} Destroy 2 mechs out of 4 (light to assault)
{WT4} Destroy 3 mechs out of 4 (light to assault)
{WT5} Defeat another team in a Team battle/Team destruction or Mission play (decided by the HC)
{WT6} + Are highly rated positions and are only attained upon a ruling by the HC

Note: Even if you fail to meet the criteria set, under exceptional circumstances the HC will make a decision on your performance to decide if you are worthy of the rank.

{WT10} This rank is reserved for those CWT members that have fallen in battle and are in an eternal rest.

Again, Welcome to Clan White Tigers
Honor and Skill be with you warrior.
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